Annefie van Itterzon & Rosanne Hilverda
Telephone: +31 6 22545011

Annefie van Itterzon is owner of this collection and has been initiating international projects since 1980. Besides her love for children’s art, she is an art curator, organizes exhibitions of (inter) national artists and is specialized in educational projects. In this line, she gives drawings lessons, workshops and organizes art projects at primary schools. During hourly lessons children are introduced to other cultures by looking at international children’s art in an interactive way. Looking at art intensively from different perspectives, discussing various themes by asking questions and exchanging thoughts succeed each other. Moreover, she undertakes collective art projects at large companies for teambuilding.

Her daughter, Rosanne Hilverda has studied art history at the University of Amsterdam. She designed the website and does the promotion of the collection. Since she was little, she has been drawing extensively and still it is one of her great passions. Together Annefie and Rosanne work on the digitalization of the collection and they undertake initiatives to enlarge the collection and organize (inter) national exhibitions. Also, they carry out research into works of art that were made by famous (Dutch) artists in their early childhood.